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    By Maestra

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    We play "mums" which is like the PP "quiet ball game". The kids sit on their desk and toss the ball to each other. No talking, no giggling! Teacher decides what is a good throw.

    Another game is 4 corners. The kids divide themselves up and stand in one of the 4 corners of the room. One child is "it" and covers his eyes and counts to 15. The kids change corners while he is counting. When he is done counting he names a corner and all the kids standing in that corner have to sit down. Game continues until 1 is left standing.

    Eraser Tag. Pretty self-explanatory. I usually pick a boy and a girl. Then I call who chases who. I can switch mid-way. The object is to tag the other person w/o the eraser falling off. Can be very hilarious.

    Spelling games like Sparkle and Hangman are another possibility.

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