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    Calculator game
    By vika

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    I used to play a game to teach place value. The students used calculators, which they really enjoyed, and gave out prizes so everyone was excited and participated. You call out a number and the students have to type it into the calculator. Then, one by one, you tell them to subtract certain place values until they are left with a different number. If they have the right number they win. For example, tell them to type in 109.87 but don't write it on the board. They have to know how to type it in correctly. Then tell them to subtract a place value, like the hundredths. They have to know not only the number in that place but it's value. They would have to subtract .07 instead of just the number 7. You can ask them to subtract other place values and when you are done write the final number on the board and check their calculators.

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