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    By cvt

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    I find it interesting that the other district advised you not to use UoS. Is there a way you can find out why they do not like the program? Are they having an issue with the mini-lessons?

    In my experience UoS allows first graders of all different levels to write in a natural progression, starting out with drawings and labels, and gradually expanding their writing skills over the year. By the end of the year most students understand the underlying structures necessary for producing well-written fiction and non-fiction, and are writing amazing books. I never saw this with other WW approaches where we struggled to get them to do any sustained writing. Now they beg to do WW.

    Is there a way you can still use UoS and modify it? At my grade level we have to modify some of the units quite a bit because we have to get our students ready for the SCOE writing prompts. Our mini-lessons may look different than UoS because of the need to focus of certain skills. We decided at my grade level that we needed to make sure all students were using capital letters and end punctuation because that was a big problem in our previous SCOE writing prompt.

    You may want to put the revising unit aside for a while, and go on with another unit. Often first grade students are not ready at this time of the year for revising. Try doing it in April or May. Meanwhile, you can model revision during your morning message or newsletter or during other opportunities that are not tied to WW.

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