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    Somebody asked for Book Report Ideas
    By salem

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    I came across this idea that I had saved, but have not tried personally yet. Not sure where I got it (maybe here?) but it looks like a cute idea! It is to use when your students are doing biographies, but I bet it could be adapted for other genres.

    Pizza Biography
    Students were required to read a biography on a person of their interest. Then they got a pizza box (box of a large pizza--some places might give them to you) and decorated the outside to advertise their famous person. They had to come up with a clever slogan about their person for the "title" of the box.

    In the box (where the pizza would be) students were required to make 8 pizza slices (maybe from construction paper?) and each pizza slice would have one paragraph written on it. The crust of the pizza had the topic of the paragraph (ex. crust had the word "education" written on it and that pizza slice was a paragraph about the person's education). You could assign the crust topics--birth/death, education, famous for...., accomplishments or awards, childhood, etc.

    Cereal Box Report
    I also have one that I did last year with my students using cereal boxes, but it was from a teaching book of book report ideas, so I don't have the original saved online. The items they had to include are in a file at school, and I can email that to you if you want it later. It was similiar to the pizza box one and we did it for a book we read as a class. One thing I remember was that where the ingredients would go on the side of the box, they had to list the characters in the book. They made up a new name for the cereal (which went along with the book) and did a game/puzzle/etc. on the back of the box that had to do with the story (like a word search).

    Mystery Character Cards
    Another one I did do last year when each student read a mystery book were Character Cards. This idea came from that same book I had and the details are at school. But it was easy to do. I brought in some of my son's baseball cards and passed them around and we talked about how the info was presented on them. Then I gave them 5 of the large kind of blank index cards.

    They had to draw a picture of one character and write their name on the front of the card--they drew it large and in color and put a border around the face/body so it looked like a portrait. On the back they had a list of things to put down for each character, such as name, occupation, age---can't remember the rest off the top of my head! They did 5 characters, one card for each one, and some of them had to characters or pets in the story who did not have main roles! But that was okay! I also modeled a card from a previous story and kept it on the board for them to look at. Again, I can send you the details next week if you want.

    Sorry this is so long, but I remembered the other 2 ideas after I listed the pizza one! Send me an email if you want more info on the ones I have at school! I also had rubrics that came from the book--made it very easy to grade and those went home with the student so the parents knew exactly what was expected! I will post the name of the book when I find it at school if you want---it would be worth buying! :D I think it was a Scholastic book and I got it at Borders for around $15 last year....


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