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    By tara07884

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    I'm at work and can't remember my password. I try my best to do this , and it had paid off. Some of what I do:

    1. Time management is key. I am always doing the odds and ends type of paperwork while my kids are doing something else. ( I don't mean I do tons of worksheets ) While they are testing, I walk around with papers I can grade, even if they are spending 5 min. doing buddy work, I straighten, grade, or organize.

    2. Have a schedule of what needs to get done during planning. Every Monday I plan math for the next week, including running off all copies needed. I also right out my behavior reports that day. Tuesdays I plan and copy reading for the next week. Friday is my buffer day to get caught up on anything, call parents, do newsletters, notes, emails, etc. Since I have started doing this I get it all done during my planning, and since I tell myself ____ needs to get done before planning is over, I usually will do that first.

    3. Let the kids help. I have jobs for just about everything. The kids love it and it saves me time. It helps to have an organizational system for everything. The kids can easily help[ when everything is organized.

    4. I grade one assignment per week per subject. ( I do have separate grades for grammar and comprehension even though they are one grade on report cards) The rest will get looked over and I will give the students a check, or have them complete it again if a lot of mistakes were made.

    I am able to do all the work that needs to get done WITHOUT it interfering with doing fun activities and experiences with my kids. I really do take advantage of every moment to get stuff done. ( I wish I was that motivated when it came to cleaning my house! ) I feel that you can still be a great teacher and not spend hours before and after school to get it all done. When I'm at home, I get to do the fun stuff. Look for fun and creative activities for my kids. I love to do that, so it doesn't feel like work to me.

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