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    word sort h.w.
    By trailertrash

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    Here is what our grade level assignes for word study h.w. - of course, each student uses their individual word sorts to complete the h.w.. They do the work in their word study notebook (a spiral notebook).

    Monday 1.* Sort all of the words and/or pictures. Read all of the words out loud. What is the same?2. Keep the sort in front of the student. He/She should write the column headers and lines in his/her notebook. 3. Rearrange the words and/or pictures in alphabetic order and copy the sort into the notebook.4. Shuffle the cards and sort them one last time. (It does not need to be copied again.)
    Tuesday 1.* Sort all of the words and/or pictures. Read all the words out loud. 2. The student should write the column headers and lines in his/her notebook.3. Put the words in a pile, mixed up in the student's hand.4. The student will look at one word at a time and write it under the correct column header. (It's okay for the student to look at the word and copy it into the notebook if needed . . . but try not to!) 5. Choose two words (not from the same column) and write each one in a sentence below the word chart in the notebook.
    Wednesday 1. The student will only put out the column headers in front of him/her.2. Mix up the words and/or pictures and put them into the student's hand.3. A parent or helper should say "Go!" and the student will sort as quickly as possible.4. Most importantly, the student must say the words out loud while he/she is sorting and sort accurately. (Speed is not good if the words are not sorted correctly!) 5. The parent will tell how many seconds it took and record it in the word study notebook.6. Repeat 2-3 more times for greater speed and continued accuracy! Record additional times in the notebook.
    Thursday 1. The student will write the headers at the top of the notebook and draw lines to separate the columns.2. A parent or helper will mix up the words and hold them in his/her hand so the student can't see them.3. The parent will read one of the words or pictures and the student will write the word under the correct header. ( The student should NOT see the spelling of the word before writing it.)4. Check it when you are finished and be sure the words are spelled correctly. Review any missed words.
    Friday No homework! Please leave the words in the folder and make sure it is returned the next school day.

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