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    By tammynj

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    My kids always like to play Sparkle (I use our current spelling words, or harder ones from the back of our book); they also like to play Spelling Relay (two teams, say a spelling word, one person per team at a time comes up to bb and writes one letter, then the next person, and so on. If there is a mistake, the next person can only erase the mistake, not add a new letter.) I also play what we call the Guessing Game. One child stands in front of the bb and another writes a word (a noun, usually) on the bb behind them. The first child calls on classmates to give clues as to what the word is (try to stress that it shouldn't be an obvious clue).

    One other game is the "Closet Game" (for lack of a better name). We have an alcove-like area for coats/bags with sliding doors. Select one student to go outside in the hall and wait; close the door so they can't hear what's going on. (I usually stand right inside the door, so I can still see them) Choose another student to hide in the closet. Then the rest of the class switches seats. Have the first student come back in and try to guess who is missing. I usually only give them a minute or so; towards the end of the time, I might give a hint (boy or girl). They really love this, too, for some reason.

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