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    By BeachReader

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    Egg activity...
    Demonstrate why we shouldn't judge other by what they look like on the outside - Bring in brown eggs and white eggs. Each pair gets one of each. Discuss how the eggs are alike and different... oval, to eat, from grocery store...
    Each child breaks the egg into plastic bowl) and show them what is inside. Show them that even though the eggs look different on the outside, they look the same on the inside. (I shuffled the bowls around...they could not identify which were white, which brown...)This is just like people, we look different but we all experience the same feeling of love, hate, jealousy, and fear.

    The Crayon Box poem...every child decorates a "crayon" and after brainstorming "Our Big Words" records a big word across crayon. I put a headshot photo on the crayon tip.
    Kids color 1/2 sheet of paper using only ONE color...any scene
    After reading "Wouldn't it be terrible?", they unfold paper and recreate scene using all of their colors....

    I'm too new to attach my poem, crayon or "terrible" poem... but I'm HAPPY to share.... how???
    Beach Reader

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