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    Valentine's game
    By caroleu

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    I have a Valentine's game that was a huge hit when I did it a few years ago (last time I was in third). I am definitely going to do it again this year. (BTW, I got it somewhere - didn't invent it!)

    Very simple. Each student needs a small paper cup (bathroom size) about half to two-thirds full of alphabet noodles (uncooked). You write a Valentine-themed word on the board (I used a PowerPoint instead).
    At your signal, the students dump the letters on the desk and try to be the first one to spell the word. The winner gets a small prize.

    Have students put the letters back in the cup before going to the next word.

    You don't need to do too many words for third grade because it takes some time and you don't want it to drag on too long.

    You could have heard a pin drop in the room as they worked to find their letters quickly, and they loved it - begged for more words! (Always leave them wanting more.) The games is called Love Letters!

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