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    Edible rock lessons
    By BetsyC

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    This is one of my favorite units to teach!

    1. Igneous Rock - melt chocolate chips in a crockpot, give each student a spoonful of the igneous rock on a sheet of wax paper and let cool (we let ours cool all day so it was completely hardened)

    2. Sedimentary Rock - (completed in groups of four) press a tube of sugar cookie dough into an alluminum baking pan and layer with various toppings such as chocolate chips, different types of sprinkles, nuts, etc. (I had a parent donate the aluminum pans that come with a lid. This made it super easy to carry the pans home, bake, and return to school the next day.)

    3. Metamorphic Rock - I gave each student a quarter of wheat bread and a quarter of white bread. They used rolling pins (pressure) and their hands (heat) to create the metaphoric rock. (I had peanut butter and jelly to eat with the "metamorphic rock" afterwards.)

    The students made so many scientific connections during this investigation that I wish I had written down some of their comments. One group of students commented on how their metamorphic rock (bread) was crumbling around the edges and breaking apart. We connected this to nature and what causes rocks to break apart and travel through the rock cycle.

    There are many variations of the activities I described above but I have found that these particular foods work the best.

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