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    Geometry Map Project
    By ejs

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    This is an assignment I gave to my middle school students:

    Geometry Map Project
    Angles, Lines and Triangles

    Your task is to design a map that includes several different kinds of lines, angles and triangles. Your map can be of a town, your neighborhood or a made up place. It must however include the following:

    - Two sets of streets that are parallel
    - Two sets of streets that are perpendicular
    - One street that intersects another streets to form an obtuse angle
    - One street intersects another to form an acute angle
    - One street that is a line segment
    - One street that is a line
    - One street that is a ray
    - An ice cream parlor in the shape of an equilateral triangle
    - A Pool that is in the shape of a scalene triangle
    - A Pizza Place in the shape of a Isosceles triangle
    - Your map must also include a compass rose

    Once your map is completed you are to write out five directions from one place to another. Each direction must have one of these terms: parallel, intersecting or perpendicular. These directions should be able to get your teacher and classmates from one place to another without getting lost!

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