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    By dolmansaxlil

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    I highly recommend Month by Month phonics for the Upper Grades. Some GREAT ideas in there! My favourites are the Making Words.

    I play a game out of that book called "Be a Mind Reader". Here's the instructions:

    Be a Mind Reader
    Be a Mind Reader was a favorite of my class last year. In this game, the
    teacher thinks of a word on the wall and then gives five clues to that

    1.Have students number their paper 1-5 and tell them that you are going
    to see who can read your mind and figure out which of the words on
    the board you are thinking of. Tell them you will give them five
    clues. By the
    fifth clue, everyone should guess your word, but if they read your mind
    they might get it before the fifth clue.
    2.For your first clue, always give the same clue:
    "It's one of the words on the word wall."
    3.Students should write next to number one the word they think it might
    4. The second clue is:
    It has four letters.
    5. Student writes word.
    6. The third clue is:
    It begins with a digraph wh.
    7. Student writes word
    8. The fourth clue is:
    It has a short e vowel sound.
    9. Student writes the word.
    10. The fifth clue is:
    It begins the sentence: ____will lunch be ready? when
    11. "I know you all have word next to number 5, what is it? But who has
    it next to number 4?, 3?, 2?, 1?" Some students will have read
    your mind and will be pleased as punch with themselves.
    Do several words in the same manner. As students get familiar with this
    activity they like to be the person giving the clues and having their mind

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