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    do you have a budget you can spend?
    By pjm

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    one of the books I use for reading and it comes in many different reading levels is Explode the Code
    In fact all the special ed teachers in my building and a lot in the district use it also.

    I like it because it covers a lot of skills from beginning reading on up. They are workbooks that have exercises that practice reading, writing, matching, spelling and copying. there is also cumulative review for long-term retention. the directions are simple, consistant and kid friendly
    they come in books 1 - 6. Here are some of what is covered in each book
    Book 1 covers short vowels
    book 2 initial consonant blends; final consonant blends
    book 3 one-syllable words ending in a long vowel; including -y, silent e words, digraphs sh, th, wh, ch, -ng, -ck, -tch, dipthongs ee, ea, ai, ay, oa & ow.
    book 4 compound words, common endings -ful, etc.
    rules for syllable division with open and closed syllables
    book 5 word families all, alk, old, olt, oll, ild, ind
    book 6 vowel plus r words, dipthongs oo, oa, ie, oi, oy
    book 7 soft c and g silent consonants
    book 8 suffixes and endings

    there are also 4 beyond the code story books for comprehension and reasoning. My kids just love these books. They beg to do them!
    These books are not expensive. Each workbook is $4.30 if you buy 6 or more of that level or $6.40 if you don't. They are recommended for grades k - 4.
    The company is eps Educators Publishing Service
    phone 1-800-225-5750
    they'll send you a free catalog if you ask.

    check it out!

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