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    do not bribe the kids
    By kristy

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    with the promise of candy for good behavior when you are getting observed. This is a bad idea for a couple reasons: 1. it undermines your authority with the students because they will sense your desperateness. 2. it will backfire --you can count on someone mentioning the candy during the observation and then you'll feel embarrassed(and rightfully so) in front of your supervisor.

    I would recommend though that you put a behavior management system in place now -- it will help daily and by the time you get observed the kdis will be responding to it. Also, you might just practice having extra people in your room by inviting people who are not evaluating you to come in occasionally. Establish the mentality that behavioral expectations are the same no matter who is in the room or who is not.

    Who will be doing your observations? I assume that you are not beginning a new program, so whoever is observing you is probably very aware of the challenges related to this class. My experience is that people who are not "well versed" in special ed are usually just in awe of the demands of the job. Remember too, that you have several observations for a reason -- not everything rests on that one half hour and the emphasis is probably more geared towards looking for growth over the year (just like we do with kids when we are assessing.

    Good luck. Having a class with all boys has its own challenges. My first class was all boys too. We did a ton of "boy" themes: football, cars, etc. It was fun -- capitalize on the unique situation, be confident and enjoy yourself.

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