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    Teach to Your Strengths
    By A&W

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    Maybe I don't quite understand, but why do "you" have to do worksheets? If the rest of the team feels worksheets are the way to teach fine. Can't you modify your lessons to put more of your style into it. There are 5 of us on the team and although we are usually in the same are of curriculum we don't teach or use the same approach.

    For example, just this week a math lesson called for the students to create a "one cubic foot model". An actual cube, my class made the cubic foot and used it to#measure how many cubic feet were in the whole classroom. My partner teacher next door made cubic feet, cubic meter, cubic yards. They came out great, especially when we hung them out in the hall. One teacher decided to use meter sticks and tape them together, another is still in the middle deciding what to do, and the other teacher hasn't started them yet.

    Are you required to follow what everyone else on the team is doing. Why can't you teach using the appropriate adopted materials and state standards.

    Maybe I don't see the whole picture. It may just be time for a change, perhaps a different grade level?

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