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    There is so much you can do with a Smartboard! There are many pre-made activities out there. Smart Technologies, the company that makes the boards, have many free resources. If you do an on-line search, many schools and individuals have posted their activities also, It is very easy to make things yourself.

    The way the board works is that your computer sends the information and it is projected on the board. You can use the markers that come with it or your fingure to "write" on it. You actually are not writing on the board itself. You can print something and then change it to a text box. You can insert pictures, too. You can move objects around the screen by touching them.

    An example of what I have used mine for: We were discussing living and nonliving things in second grade. I found pictures of various objects, such as plants, animals, toys, cars. The children came up and moved each item into a circle labeled "living" or one labeled "nonliving." When we learn to count money, the children have coins on their desk. They come up one at a time and find a given assortment of coins ( 1 dime, 3 nickels, 4 pennies), place them in order, and then count on to find the value, writing the amounts under the coins.

    You can also scan pages into the computer and put them on the Smartboard and interact with them. My textbooks have elelctronic versions that I can open on the board and write on the pages.

    Smart Technologies does offer free training. There are also tutorials available on-line.

    IIt is a great invention!

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