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    Tough one...
    By Jenny1st

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    Sounds like it is really a tough situation. I wouldn't jump in with your vent. I completely understand your struggle, but admin (at least in my experience) don't want to hear it.
    I would try to put the "ball" in the principal's court. I would go in describing WW as it exists in your classroom and kind of why it is the way it is-ie-following Lucy Calkins' examples. etc....
    Then I would say:
    I know that I have some students who are struggling. They have shown some growth since the beginning of the year and I am sure they are gaining confidence in writing. I am going to keep following the LC curriculum but if you have any suggestions I would be thrilled to have look into them. Also, if there are opportunities for staff development, or to observe another teacher who has used LC before, or ANYTHING-I would really be interested in developing my WW so that I would have more tools in order to better help each of my students reach their fullest potential. Please let me know if you know of any such opportunities.

    I had a similar meeting with my principal and she really clammed up when I put it back on her. I was then able to go to a LC workshop, observe a 2nd grade in another disctrict, etc....

    You could also say "I have seen tremendous growth since we launched WW after we finished the state assessment in October. In the last two months I have seen writers starting to..... It is my understanding that at this point in the year the students are beginning to develop these skills and I am confident as I move through the units and mini-lessons we will continue to see growth. I would expect that the students would be beginning, or developing many of these skills as this point in the year. I am confident following this program we will see the majority of the students secure by the end of the school year. The will be very well prepared for 4th grade."

    I don't know if this helps. I hope so. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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