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    I feel the same
    By Crash123

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    about teaching (if that's what we still call it). This is my 36th year of teaching third grade in West Virginia at a school that has aways had top test scores and continues to be listed as one of the top elementary schools in WV. Our staff has done a great job over the years with OUT NCLB, RTI, test, test, benchmark, Dibels, test, test, benchmark, and Dibels!! (Someone is getting rich from these "new" programs and it's not the teachers.) The only way I can spend time with my kiddos during the day is to work all evening and go to school early every morning. I'm not alone--90 percent of the staff is there with me.

    I'm on leave at this time because of a motorcycle accident.We hit a BIG dog and I went sliding down the highway and broke several bones in my foot. I told my husband that the DOG saved my life! While I've been off I've decided to retire and sub. I really enjoying teaching but by subbing I won't have all the pressures that I have now. Third grade in WV is the first year of thebiggie Westest in our state.

    I know I can be replaced...but I wonder if the younger generation will devote as much time to teaching as some of us have over the years.

    Thanks for listening....I just had to reply...sounds like things are the same all over the US...I don't think all this testing is going to make kids smarter....but what do I know...

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