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    Use classroom ceiling as grid
    By foxglove

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    When I introduce latititude and longitude I use the grid on the drop ceiling of the classroom. I label North, South, East and West on the correct walls. Then I label the Prime Meridian and the Equator and label out from those two lines. Then I have the students move their desks so that they are under connecting coordinates and explain the latitude measurement always comes first, then longitude. Then when I throw a ball to a student they must give me the correct coordinates for their location. Then they throw the ball to somene else, etc. After a few moments of that I have students change locations and we do it again. Last year I even had the custodian and principal who thought what we were doing looked like fun and came in and joined us. The custodian was having so much fun he didn't even care I'd used duct tape on the wall to label the lines! :)

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