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    Indoor recess idea
    By Nessa

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    My kids love a game I call Sixes. It requires 1 die per group of kids (6 kids works well), 1 pencil, and a piece of paper. The die is passed around the group and each person rolls, trying to get a six. The person who rolls a 6 takes the paper and pencil from the middle and starts writing the numbers 1-50 on a piece of paper (1, 2, 3, 4...). This person continues to write while the rest of the group passes the die still trying to roll a 6. When another person rolls a 6 they get the paper and pencil and begin where the last person left off in writing the numbers to 50. This continues until someone writes the number 50 and is declared the winner. It doesn't matter that the person before them wrote 1-49 and they only wrote the 50. The game sounds like it wouldn't be interesting but my kids LOVE to play. We have made it harder and more educational by having the kids write multiples of 2 up to 100 or 3's up to 150. My kids think it is a brand new game when we play 4's instead of 6's. I also bought foam dice the same size as normal dice to make it a quieter game and less time spent searching for bouncing dice.

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