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    Mixed feelings
    By Perdy4

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    Like the other posts, it does depend on the parents and the child/children for the success of homeschooling. There are many reasons for choosing homeschooling over public/private schools and not everyone will agree with them. That is the beauty of living in America where we have a choice.:) Not everyone is cut out to 'teach' their own children, but how many of us say the same thing about the parents of our students we have in class...that they are not doing a good job parenting, either. As a teacher, it feels right to say that we need regulations, but as a parent, it feels even more right to say it is MY choice. I have a very hard time seeing children 'run the street' when I think they should be having a formal education, but I do not live in their home and do not know the dynamics of their learning environment, nor should I. There are plenty of guidelines for parents to have access to if they so desire to make sure their child/children are meeting the appropriate standards, but it should be voluntary, not mandated. Those who are lazy and don't put in the effort that we teachers feel is adequate, give those who really do a great job or even an average job a lousy name. I applaud those who meet the challenge. They are the blessed and lucky parents who are privileged to have such a valuable and important role in the lives of their children.

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