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    Math Disability
    By lillian

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    How did she do in math in high school? Was she able to pass the classes, but they were extremely difficult for her? Did she pass because of turning in all her homework and classwork, but she failed her tests? Does she have math test anxiety? Did she always struggle with word problems, but she could do the calculations? I question the latter because the TAKS test is all word problems. Can she do the problems, if they are read aloud to her? These are the kinds of things that need to be looked at, and I would urge this young lady to do so.

    Being depressed and giving up on her dream of going to college is not going to help her. Figuring out why she can't pass the test is going to help her. I think someone needs to sit down with her (she can call a community college and get a math student there to do this), have her read the problems on the test aloud (you can download past math exit exams off the internet), then complete the problems, working them out orally, as she goes along. This way, someone who understands math very well can "witness" her difficulties. If she really isn't getting the math at all, then she needs to be tested for a math LD.

    It's never too late to be tested for LD's. She can receive accommodations in college to help her. So, I would suggest calling a local community college, getting someone there to sit with her while she takes a practice test, then deciding where to go after that.

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