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    Door Contest
    By Miss V

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    My class has won 3 years in a row:
    One year, we had "Elves have entered the building!" and the kids all made 3D elves with lunch sacks stuffed with scrap paper then glued elf faces, hands, and shoes onto it.
    Another year, we wrapped a BUNCH of milk cartons in white paper and taped them to the wall and door, making an igloo. The kids all cut out and personalized a penguin to place on the igloo. The title was "Winter Wonderland" and the kids all put question bubbles above their penguins with "I wonder...." statements on them
    Last year, was the best! We had a chimney on the door with a few stockings. "Hanging" from the chimney was a script that said, "...the stockings were hung my the chimney with care..." On the wall by our door, we created huge bed posts with brown bulletin board paper. I had the kids all lay down on the carpeted floor and took a picture of them like they were sleeping. We used a big piece of blue bulletin board paper for a "blanket" and stuffed the body shapes and stapled around them like they were in bed. I placed their pictures above each shape and made them kind of bubble out so they didn't seem so 2 dimensional. Above their heads, the kids placed pictures of candy they had decorated. Above the candy, there was the excerpt, "The children were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of sugar plums danced in their heads."

    LOVE DOOR contests!!! Good luck!

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