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    By iteachthird

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    We are doing the lesson study in math on fractions. We will all be focusing on parts of a region, parts of a whole.
    Our overarching goal is using positive communication
    I am a little nervous about the validity of the lesson. We use Everyday mATH, we are doing fractions, this is a unit 8 lesson and we are only in unit 2, How valid will the results of learning be and how effective will the communication be if the lessons building up to fractions hasn't been taught.
    I havent really had any training except meeting to plan out our days, our goal and schedule. We are all making our own plans with the focus on fractions.
    I am glad to hear that this has been positive for you. COuld you share what you have focused on and your goals. I will have to post the complete overarching goal, but I know it was about communication and problem solving.

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