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    What a PAIN!
    By heart4kids

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    I wonder if you have my old job! Just kidding, but I worked for 7 years with a horrible person like that. She did everything in her power to dig at me, control me and backstab. After a few years (and everyone from her past grade level workers to the custodians warning me to watch my back) I called her on it. And I called her on it every single time she acted horribly to either myself or my students. It truly was the only thing that made a difference. But I wouldn't advise that during your first couple of years at that level.

    I am guessing that she is a reading specialist or coach and is happily denying you the materials and information you need to do your job. To get further jabs, it sounds as if she is not accurately testing your kids so that you look unsuccessful as a teacher. Am I guessing right? Is there anyone else that could test your children so that there is a comparison?

    People may think you are being dramatic, but I've been there and done that. I had to think ahead about everything as she would actually sneak into my classroom and play her games. Ex. Taking my requisition papers and hiding them until the day AFTER they were due - then putting them back in the same place. It got to be funny. I'd leave things out on purpose just to laugh at them being sabotaged (with copies elsewhere).
    Nasty person. So glad that our paths never cross. I'm sorry that anyone ever has to go through that.

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