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    By stressed out

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    Not telling me when she is giving my kids tests when they go to her for for teaming (my students have not done well at all in there, only 1 kid had a 90 on the last test and the rest of mine were 60 or below) when I have specifically asked to be informed so I can keep the parents informed. In my class my kids do not score that low, they actually do well.

    Not giving me a teacher guide that is mine (she teaches that subject but I need to know the curriculum and she has two) although she says she gave it to me but I know for sure she didn't.

    Using my bulletin board space when I've asked her not to and just shrugging it off when I ask about it (I have about 4 feet of space outside my room for 31 students. Not giving me straight answers to anything, no support in lesson planning while she falls all over herself to help the other new teacher, talking down to me everytime I ask a question, condradicting everything I say to her (changing what she said the time before I said the same thing so she doesn't agree with me), and generally just being condesending towards me but with a smile.

    I think ALL of this comes from her being intimidated by me and feeling threatend (she told me this in the summer and I told her I wasn't doing anything to make her feel that and she said she knows, that its her problem, not mine, she doesn't like change, she is used to getting her own way, etc.) But the thing is I havne't done anything other than work my butt off to help my students succeed. I also have a MA in Technology so obviously I'm implementing technology throughout the curriculum and the parents and kids are talking about how great it is to be in my room.

    I can't control what the parents and kids say, I'm just doing my job the way I always have and if she is jealous of me that's no reason to treat me like this.

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