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    Wreath/picture frame
    By dkd1173

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    We make wreaths that can be used as an tree ornament if parents choose to, or just as a sort of picture frame if not.

    Cut a wreath pattern out of posterboard (with a hole in the middle). Using an Exacto knife is helpful for cutting the hole out.

    Have students glue elbow macaroni pasta onto the wreath, leaving space at the top to glue on one piece of bowtie pasta. All the pasta should lay flat (should not be piled on top of each other). Some kids choose to make a pattern with it.

    Spray paint the wreaths green and let dry.

    Spray paint bowties gold, silver, or red and let dry.

    Glue the painted bowties on the tops of the wreaths.

    Glue a photo of each child onto the back of the wreath so that the photo shows through the hole in the wreath.

    Punch a hole in the posterboard at the top of the wreath and string a piece of yarn or ribbon through it to use as a hanger.

    My students have always really enjoyed making these. :)

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