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    Landform Step Book
    By kerilyn137

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    Here are the directions for the step book. This is from our Social Studies Curriculum. First, you need to cut a lot of construction paper in the following ways:
    yellow 9"x4"
    green 9'x6"
    blue 9"x8"
    brown 9"x10"
    white 9"x12"

    You will also need a paper grocery bag, paper plates, watercolors, crayons, glue, and labels(if you want to use them).

    1. Cut the construction paper. Stack the colored strips with the shortest on top and the longest on the bottom. Staple the stack to the flap of the bag, creating a step book.
    2. Using a green crayon, create land masses on the paper plate, coloring darkly. Paint the rest of the plate blue. Cut the plate in half and glue one half to the bottom flap of the bag.
    3. Label the layers of the step book for the different environments: Yellow- desert, green- forest, blue- water, brown- mountains, white- Arctic. Glue a title to the bottom flap, and a label to each of the layers (I had them write: My earth has... (mountains, water, etc.).
    4.Cut or decorate the top edge of each layer. Add details, such as sand for the desert, glitter for the Arctic, peaks for the mountains, grass for the forest.
    5. You can use the bag for whatever. I save it for Open House and have them use the bags for their portfolios!

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