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    Instructions for globe
    By Kimberley

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    Sorry for the delay. I don't have anything written out but I try to walk the kids through it slowly and model each step with a pumpkin of my own. The first thing I have them do is color and cut out the continents. Each of them takes a wipe and washes any excess dirt off the outside of the pumpkin. At each table I have a paper plate with some Elmer's glue and enough Q-tips for each child plus some extra. Each child also needs a permanent marker. first thing they do is draw the equator. They have to do it slowly and carefully... sometimes I have them work with a holds the pumpkin and turns it, the other draws the line. Then, I have them start with Antarctica... they put the Elmer's on the cut out right up to the edge... more is better because it dries clear. I model each continent. After the continents are on, I have them label the oceans with the sharpie marker. I place them in the hallway outside our room on paper plates just incase...
    Hope this helps...

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