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    Poetry Spelling
    By tbsrwilson

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    I use a poem of the week for my spelling. I have been using this type of spelling for two years now, and most of the kids love it. I introduce a new poem every week and we put it in a Poem of the Week Notebook and mark the spelling words with phonograms and rules (from Spalding.) They get a packet for homework for the week. I have a bunch of the poems we use posted on my website , ,and you can see the one for this week, and there is a yahoo group, that we started last year for the purpose of sharing poems so that no one would have to come up with all of them.

    I have included the letter I send home to the parents.

    Poem of the Week

    As part of our reading/writing/spelling program, students will be learning a poem each week. All of the spelling words for the week will come from the poem. The poems will be based on various themes, seasons and days of significance. On Friday students will take a spelling pretest of 15-20 words which I have chosen from the poem. A copy of the Poem of the Week with the spelling words highlighted will be pasted into the Poetry Notebooks on Friday. Every night students should practice reading the poem like a good reader, using appropriate rhythm, intonation, and paying attention to the punctuation in the poem. The poem and copies of the weekly homework can be found on our class website under Poem of the Week.

    During the week, we will study the poem, pretest words, parts of speech (e.g. noun, verb, adjective) and punctuation (e.g. question marks, capitalization) in class. Students are encouraged to study at home as well.

    For Friday’s homework, students will write out their misspelled words 5 times each. There will also be a homework packet containing the poem and the spelling homework for the week. These packets will be due on Thursday mornings.

    On Thursday, students will complete a CLOZE version of the poem in which letters and words are left blank for them to fill in
    (e.g. A P_ _ m Is A L_ tt _ _ P_ th). There will also be brief questions about the poem and grammar (e.g. Identify three pronouns in the poem.). This will constitute the “Spelling Test” for the week.

    The goals of Poem of the Week are 1) to consistently and accurately spell high frequency words, 2) increase understanding and use of more complex vocabulary in students’ own writing, and 3) to improve reading fluency.

    Encourage your child to not only read the current week’s poem, but to continue to practice rereading past poems as well.

    Thanks for your support. It makes all the difference to your child.

    Mrs. Wilson

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