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    By MalibuBarbie

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    I would do it before. The story is VERY's the whole text:

    Jamie planted a pumpkin seed,
    and the pumpkin seed grew a pumpkin sprout,
    and the pumpkin sprout grew a pumpkin plant,
    and the pumpkin plant grew a pumpkin flower,
    and the pumpkin flower grew a pumpkin.
    And the pumpkin grew...
    and grew...
    and grew...
    until Jamie picked it.
    He scooped the pumpkin out, hallowed out two eyes, a nose and the mouth and put it in the window but....
    he saved six pumpkin seeds for planting in the spring.

    (Not sure if I have the words EXACTLY right but close enough to give you an idea.)

    If the kids know the full life cycle before they go picking pumpkins, they can be on the look out for evidence of the stages the pumpkin went through.

    Have fun! :s)

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