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    By bamateach

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    Not sure if this is classified as cool, but here it goes..... :o Text to Text - You could take 2 stories that are alike ex: 2 versions of Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood and after reading them have students complete a Venn Diagram that compares/contrasts the two. Author studies are another great way to do a text to text connections.. Read several books by an author and discuss how they are alike and different. I have files at school with ideas. I will take a look and if there is anything more to it I will post. Text to self - Have students draw a picture odf the main character and write traits then have them write about how they are like the character. Here is another text to self that I am doing this week. We are reading Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat. We will begin on Monday with building background by talking about belonging to a team and sharing stories of teams they have belonged to. On Tuesday they will bring in pictures of themselves on different teams and write about their favorite time on a team. Make it real for them anytime you read a story that is realistic by using them to build the background. I hope this helps in some way.

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