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    Nouns writing activity
    By NH

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    I have done a writing activity. I'll try to explain it. I have worksheets for each day I created. I did the typical activities to give the kids some background for what nouns are/do. Then we brainstormed places we could take a walk, i.e. bank, store, library, Fallen River Park,etc. We used specific names of places so we could understand Proper Nouns too. Then the kids were given a paper that I made with the title "Places I Went for a Walk". The kids had to choose five nouns that were places to go for a walk and fill in the five boxes on the paper. I left room to decorate the page. The next day, we brainstormed things we could get at places we walked, i.e. bank-money, coins, park-leaves, rocks, fish (our park people fish in the river). They then filled out the paper, "Things I got on my Walk" similar to Day 1. Day 3 was "Who would go with me on my walk", i.e. mom, Uncle Joe, friends, pets. On day 4 they used the papers they created to write sentences, I went for a walk to the beach with my friends and I got a tan, some shells, and a hotdog and coke. They drew a picture for each sentence they created. All the pages were stapled for a personal book. Hope this isn't too confusing.

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