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    By kristen_teach

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    We do a "lab" with inch tile squares. They start with 1 tile and find the perimeter (4 in.) and area (1 square inch). Then, they have 2 tiles in a 1X2 rectangle and find the perimeter and area. Then, they have 3 tiles in a 1X3 rectange and find the perimeter and area. They look for a pattern. Then, they make a hypothesis about what would happen if they did it with 2 inch wide rectangles, test it, and record the results. We graph this and so it also goes along with our graphing standards.

    We also give them a certain perimeter 20 inches and they use inch tiles to find the different rectangles that can be made with this perimeter and find the area of each.

    When I taught 6th, I did a design your bedroom unit on graph paper. One of the parts was to figure out how much carpet/tile they needed (area) and one part was to figure out how much border you would need (perimeter).

    I have also given the home assignment of measuring the perimeter of actual room, drawing it out on graph paper. They then had to find the area of their room. We used this assignment to practice converting from inches to feet to yards. We also talked about the relationship between the perimeter and area in inches versus the perimeter and area in feet. I would not do this assignment with students younger than 6th though.

    Hope this helps!

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