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    another skeleton & jack-o-lantern
    By teach first

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    On Friday, I am going to have my class make a Q-tip skeleton. I give the students a baggie of Q-tips, a small piece of white construction paper, and a 9x12 black piece of construction paper. I have the student's first cut-out their skeleton's head from the small piece of white construction paper given to them. They glue the head at the top of the black construction paper and then we start gluing down the q-tips. 2 q-tips for the spine, 2 for each arm and leg, 5 for the ribs, 5 q-tips cut in half for the fingers, and 5 q-tips cut in half for the toes. I think that is al the q-tips (I am trying to picture it without actually seeing it).

    Last year, the kids did not like to use the liquid glue because many of the kids felt it was messy and got glue on their hands! (PLEASE!!!!!!!) I think this year's class with like it much better. They love all the art projects, whereas my class from last year complain ALL THE TIME about "it is too hard, I can't do that. There were times when I felt like why even bother.

    Another art project I did yesterday and got the idea from Mailbox was making a jack-o-lantern with strips of orange paper. I gave each student 8 strips of orange paper (8 in. long and 1/2 in wide). They glued the strips down crossing them over one another until they had what looked like a orange asterisk on 9x12 black paper. After all strips were glued down, we glued on a green stem, 2 yellow triangles for eyes, another yellow triangle for a nose, and a yellow mouth, all of which they cut out from a 4.5 x 6 piece of yellow construction paper. These were really neat to hang in the hall.

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