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    By Catherin

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    As a parent with ADHD-and having a child with the same-please teachers---stop saying meds-it really stirkes a nerve with people-my son has been on concerta for almost a year-but i have not told his school, because they are a huge proponent of "meds"-and I thought the way that they were throwing it about was wrong-
    I think Concerta is wonderful-I have to keep myself from taking my sons pills-it just makes everything a little easier to organize in your head-
    But-I think that we should not use it as a crutch-discipline should still have to happen and boundaries have to be enforced-
    I did not tell my husband or our family re the Concerta for 4 months, so that no one would assume that a behavior was medicated vs unmedicated, and would take him on and off myself to make sure I didn't use it as a crutch
    I don't want a trick pony for a child-my son is definitely more subdued when on the drug-but is that what we all want-
    I personally think ADHD is a gift-as a trial lawyer, I can multi task and get things accomplished that people with theose non ADHD brains are clueless about-
    ADHD is me - and if you channel it in the correct way-no one can stop you-BUT DON"T LABEL or say "MEDS"
    to me that is uneducated and the easy way out of a difficult situation
    As i told my sons teacher(conicidentaly, three weeks before he won the speech contest)"You either have the president of the company here, or the convict, which do you want?"

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