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    I've had a few diabetic students
    By linda2671

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    The thing that helped me the most was to get an alarm that can be set to go off at the same time every day. That way, you don't have to remember to set the alarm for the time that they have to go to the nurse every day. The hardest thing was when unexpected things happened. If there was a fire drill during the time the child was supposed to go to the nurse, I worried about going past time. One time we had a crisis drill and had to evacuate the building. I had the child's snack, but was so busy directing the rest of the class in what to do, I almost forgot to give it to her. Luckily, the school nurse was hovering just in case.
    You'll do fine. Just make sure you have back-ups in case you get busy and forget something. Kids are good about remembering. It's always good to have something else near the time that they need to see the nurse or have a snack. Like, go to the nurse when we are lining up to go ______.
    The poor kid. Diabetic and food allergies too. That's really not fair!

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