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    my daughter is diabetic
    By tammyr

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    My daughter is a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. She has recently gone on an insulin pump which has made life much easier on her. When she was on shots she would not have been able to participate in many of the school sponsored parties had it not been for her wonderful teachers who asked parents to bring in "free treats" in addition to the sweet treats they were bringing. Some of the things she can enjoy that do not affect her blood sugar are: Cheese, meat, 1/2 cup of vegies (she likes to dip these in ranch dressing which is also free), and anything that is less than 5 grams of carbs in a serving. Now that she is on a pump she is able to enjoy some of the sweet treats that the other kids do as long as it is in moderation and only on occasion. I had a second grade diabetic in my class last year (she was put in my room because of my personal experience with diabetes). She was also on a pump and was not restricted on anything. This is really a decision that needs to be made by the parent and STRICTLY adhered to. As a teacher the biggest role you play is carefully attending to changes in behavior and having the child check his/her blood sugar if ever in doubt (I kept the meter in my classroom....if you are required to send the child to the nurse ALWAYS send him/her with a buddy of their choice.) Diabetes can also make a child feel different and singled out. Letting the child have a voice in how they would like for you to handle them letting you know when they don't feel good is a good idea. My student would give me a thumbs down if she was across the room and didn't feel good so I knew immediately. I would also highly suggest reading the book "Taking Diabetes to School" to the class if the child feels comfortable letting you share. It really helped the students in my class understand why the child in my room was getting candy throughout the day after she poked her finger.

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