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    Red stimulates thinking...
    By yesteach

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    is what I read somewhere a few years back... and that bright yellow agitates and stimulates talking and activity.

    I would have been hesitant to believe this, except for the fact that when I read it, I had four tables in my classroom - red, blue, yellow and white. The blue and white were not an issue (except the white one was the dickens to keep clean!). The yellow one was the one that caused me problems all year long (if only I'd read the article at the start of the year!). No matter WHAT students I put at that table, they were talking and off task. I moved the table from the front to the back of the room, from the back/front to the sides... I moved students around.. I did everything.. nothing worked! I took my BEST, never-get-in-trouble students and put them there... they became behavior problems! The next year, I got rid of the table!!

    Now, I have six red tables... I want thinking stimulated!

    I've been told that if you put blue filters on your lights it will decrease behavior problems.. but I've never tried it.. I may give it a try this year.

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