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    By grade4curlyQ

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    I use the "Shushers" signal to get their attention. It came from Ron Clark, former National Teacher of the Year. Good idea that truly works wonders.
    The first week (1st 2 days) I mention that three people will have a very special job and I want to watch them for a few days to determine who should get the job of helping me get everyone's attention.
    What I'm really doing is looking for one or two 'obnoxious' - 'showboat'-'loud mouths' .........they don't know this though. These listed students appear to NOT be paying attention, but guess what? They are! They make the best "shushers."
    I tell them that when they hear me say "Shushers" their job is to say "ssssshhhhhhh" loud enough for everyone to know to be quiet, yet not 'spit' all over others. This makes them giggle and they seem to take pride in the job as well as always hear me! Go figure?
    Works like a charm year after year. 3-4 years now actually.

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