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    Mini economy
    By lorrclar

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    I have done a mini economy for several years. I had my students turn in job applications for the jobs they wanted every 4 weeks. I tried to have a job for everyone. Knowing that some students wouldn't apply I had jobs that could be not done or done by a volunteer. I had accountants who took care of entering deposits and debits on EXCEL. I also had bank tellers who cashed paychecks, took deposits and withdraws. I also had bookkeepers who collected the daily paper work in a folder with students names on it in which they checked off. I also had a classroom helper (went to the office, lunch, pledge leader), infraction officer (kept a record of classroom infractions which considered fines); classroom janitor (if needed a hallway janitor for coat/backpack area); desk janitor (checked desks weekly); computer technician; librarian; library monitor (kept a check out list for those who wanted to go to the library during class time and checked AR test scores for Book Tag); dishwasher (washed the cups we used for water and got the bucket ready for after lunch clean-up) and a substitute. They were paid weekly and the amount depended on the responsibility. We ended the year with an auction in which they could spend their money. I also encourage the children to be entrepreneurs and have a business to sell things or services (like desk cleaning or how to make something) during our community time.
    Oh, to begin the economy we had presentations for the name of our community and classroom money. Students were given guidelines to follow for the presentations. They were paid for doing this and the "winner" got more!
    Have fun with your economy!

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