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    awesome!! thank you!!
    By BookMuncher

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    That really helped me! :D Thank you SOOO much for typing that all up for us! :D

    Here are my questions/comments: The shared reading part about how often to do it in each grade is really confirming because I felt my everyday shared reading in first grade dwindle around Jan/Feb, and I felt guilty about it. But that makes sense that now it will be more interactive reading for meaning.

    Love the idea of brainstorming more texts to put in our libraries! I have Snapple lids:) and my kids love them. Mine don't have jokes though- they have interesting facts. I'll look for the kid's section in the newspaper... what other things could we put in?

    I like looking at the link as always planting the seed. I did that hit or miss, but it gives a much clearer purpose for that part of the minilesson.

    The thing about your notes that helped me the most was the 4 kinds of conferences. I've read about research/decide/teach and coaching (I love that example!), but not the other two. At first I thought that you were going to say that the table conference was a strategy group, but I like this new idea. It could also be used in a pinch to save time or if you're running out of time and the kids would benefit from hearing each other's teaching points. So I guess they all sit there and read to themselves while the teacher listens in?

    Can you clarify intervention groups a bit? I understand them to be strategy groups? Is their main difference that they are a repeat of minilessons?

    The books are interesting... I have Polo and I wouldn't have thought she'd like it because it goes on and on and on with lots of events. Do remember why she liked it? I mean, I like it as a book, but I don't know how to use it as a tool.

    Way to go asking about the reading units but I'm sad to hear that lucy has no interest!! :( I'll look forward to the other TC ones you mentioned!

    Again-- a million thank yous!!

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