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    National Board Tips
    By bamagirl

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    I went through the NB process last year, so I'll try to help in any way I can. It sounds like you already have a great start. Here are a few things I can think of:

    Remember to save email correspondence with parents...both ones you send and receive.
    If possible, find a mentor in your school or district. My district has a group of NB certified teachers that met with us to provide help. They proofread our entries and made suggestions that made my entries much stronger. This was extremely helpful!!!
    If you haven't already, read and study the standards.
    I suggest reading all the requirements for each entry before you begin. This will give you an overall "picture" of the portfolio and each entry. Make notes/highlight ideas as you read the entry requirements.
    Go ahead and start video recording in your classroom. This will get the students accustomed to being on camera, and you may see some things you want to change when you do the real recordings. This will allow you to experiment with the lighting and sound...I learned to close my classroom blinds because the video went dark when it filmed toward the windows. It also allowed me to teach my students to speak up when the camera was on them and whisper if it wasn't.
    Be organized!Good luck!

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