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    By Rebecca again

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    I just remembered, we make turkeys out of our feet and hands. Trace your foot (we usually trace both--with brown paper) and we glue them overlapping eachother (side to side). We trace and cut out our hands(in different colors) and glue on the back of the feet so the fingers are sticking up like feathers. Then we add his face to the front and add some legs.

    Another edible activity--Make turkeys to eat
    For each child:

    2 Nilla wafers, five or six pieces of candy corn, a chocolate drop (candy) and a small amount of chocoate icing.

    Spread choc. icing onto both Nilla wafers. Place one cookie down on waxed paper(icing side up). Stick on chocolate drop for body (one side down in icing and the pointed side toward you--the flat bottom to the back). Put the other Nilla wafer on(its icing onto the flat bottom that is opposite side of the pointed side) leaving some of the cookie and icing exposed at the top to stick on candy corn for feathers. Hope this make sense...they really are cut cookies!

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