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    By Rebecca

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    Make a hornbook (like the colonial children used). Cut the Hornbook shape out of cardboard. Then add a piece of paper cut the same shape of the hornbook(staple it or put a brad in it to attach it to the hornbook).
    Make quill pens--I have a pattern of a feather, the kids paint it and cut it out. Then they glue a toothpick to the end. When dry,they dip it in paint and write on their hornbook.

    Here is an activity about the Indians helping the Pilgrims plant corn. I give each student a clear plastic cup, three or four Oreo cookies, a gummy fish, and two or three pieces of candy corn. We crush the cookie into our cup (soil). Then we put our gummy fish (for fertilizer like the Indians showed the Pilgrims)into the soil. Now, we plant the corn (candy corn). Then we eat our harvest. Just a simple and fun activity to do.

    These are not really Art activities but they are fun and my third graders enjoy them.

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