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    nouns and verbs
    By October 24, 2001

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    I use a cooperative learning exercise from Spencer Kagan called Inside Outside Circle.
    What you need:
    Word cards with names of nouns on one side,
    "noun" definition on the other.
    (For verbs, write action words on one side, and "verb" definition on the other.)

    You need atleast one card for each 2 players.

    This is how it works:
    Divide the class into two groups. One group will be the inside circle, and the other will be outside. Have the inside circle turn to face their outside circle partners.Give the outside circle partner a word card. The outside circle partner shows the word card. The inside partner reads the word and tells if the word is a verb or noun, and how they know. Partners self correct.
    Then the inside circle moves one place clockwise to the next partner, and a new word.
    Play several times, then have the inside circle switch with outside, so each player gets turns showing the cards.
    My Third graders love this! We use this with math facts, and spelling practice, too!

    Marcia Lee

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