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    nouns and verbs
    By Cheryl

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    This year while reviewing nouns and verbs we did several things that were fun:
    *I put nouns cards in a bag-students reached in and had to act out that noun for the class to guess-in the beginning we said if it was a person, place, or thing
    *I linked it with poetry by doing acrostics or stand up poems - after modeling how to-they each did a person, place and thing acrostic poem

    *same as above for acting out

    *taught them how to use a thesaurus to find vivid verbs

    *we did verb poems- they thought of a person- mom, dad, fireman etc and then listd all the actions that that person could do.
    ex. Mrs. Silva
    assits, ...
    and cares!

    after doing n and v, I had them draw a noun out of one bag and a verb out of the other-they had to get us to figure out who or what they were and what their action was. this came up with some silly combinations which they thought were great

    after you introduce the major parts try doing some Mad Libs to reinforce-they love the results!!!!

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