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    By amy23

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    I am like you have have no assigned roles. I have made a sheet however and they are all responsible for 2 questions, 1 connections, 2 words, and then a picture from thier OWN mind, not copied out of the book. I teach 3rd. I have mixed ability lit circle groups. My first priority is mixed level groups because i think the lower kids can pick more stuff up from being in a group with higher readers than being in a group with all low readers. In third grade the conversations can get only so deep but with mixed ability, the higher kids can share with the lower kids. I thought rotating jobs was no good because what if a kid didn't do their assignment, what is they weren't too good at discussion director, etc. etc. This way, everyone is responsible to share for all jobs. Sometimes they use the same words or have the same general questions, but that is okay with me. I think the jobs get boring too! I don't do lit circles all year. When i feel it's time to spcie it up I have them complete a book report project as a group or with a partner. the writing involved in the book report uses the lit circle ideas (connections, vocab, etc) but puts it in another form.

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