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    Questions to ask yourself before writing
    By DBE

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    A great resource book that has just come out is "The Write Genre" by Lori Jamison Rog/Paul Kropp. On page 21 and 22 is a great reminder for kids to ask themselves before writing.
    R- Role of the writer Who is telling the story?
    A- Audience Who is going to be reading this?
    F- Format What form will the writing take-aq letter, a diary, an essay,
    a story, a news report?
    T-Topic What is the main idea or theme of the writing?
    S-Strong Voice (I changed it from Strong Verb-it made more sense to
    me). What is the purpose for writing: to entertain, to
    amuse to inform, to invite, to persuage?

    The reason "Strong Voice" made more sense is that you are asking them to use a certain tone in their writing like-inquiring, complaining, bragging, whining, proclaiming, condemning, arguing, describing, inviting or forbidding.
    Hope this helps.

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