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    By Bethany

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    I have used this reward system for the 5 years I have been teaching. It is a huge hit with most of my students and I do have a pretty good success rate for homework turned in on time and thorough.

    My students play it at the end of the day on Monday if they turned in all their homework the previous week. I allow my students who have turned in their homework on time and everything is complete to roll twice. If there are some students who maybe forgot to do a couple of problems or didn't have the neatest handwriting, I let them roll once. That way, I am not punishing them for only forgetting to do some problems or their handwriting wasn't the neatest.

    I use little cutouts for their names with push pins. It is up on a bulletin board because I feel that it is more of a motivation if they see it all the time in the classroom.

    If one of my students does roll twice and doesn't land on anything that will give him/her a prize, I let them pick out a piece of candy so at least they get some reward for doing their homework.

    I have attached a picture of my board and how it is set up. One of my students took the picture for a powerpoint we did, so it is not fully centered.:D Let me know if you have any questions.:s)

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